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03:16pm 26/07/2003
mood: cranky
i havnt updated in forever...but there again i no longer use this juornal!

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funny stuff, man!   
05:29pm 16/08/2002
mood: bouncy
hee hee, i signed onto AIM and kandi was signed on, but paul was on the computer, anywho, he makes me laugh, here's our conversation:
(i put a --> after kandi's screen name so that there's no confusion

squintyblowpop: candace?
KandiHasIssues--> nope, paul
squintyblowpop: hi paul!
KandiHasIssues--> want me to get her?
KandiHasIssues--> Hi! how be ya?
squintyblowpop: wha wha wha? im confused!
squintyblowpop: do you know who this is?
KandiHasIssues--> How are you? Yes, Amber.
squintyblowpop: i/m fine, you don't have to get candace
squintyblowpop: i can chat w/ her later
KandiHasIssues--> OK. On sept 7th, we are having a housewarming party. It would not be the same if you could not make it.
squintyblowpop: of course, because i'm the life of the party!
KandiHasIssues--> Absolutely. Candace wants to see coldplay. I think they are in town sept 6th.
squintyblowpop: really? but does she want me to go?
KandiHasIssues--> unkwnown at this time. She mentioned going Aug 18th, but i will still be on the disabled list, and cannot go.
squintyblowpop: oh, yea, you had surgery, huh?
KandiHasIssues--> I think her uncle is going on the 7th. we can talk about it later in the month.
squintyblowpop: alrighty
KandiHasIssues--> Yes, yesterday. feel pretty good today, but I have an ass full of demerol, so who knows when that reuns out
KandiHasIssues--> runs
KandiHasIssues--> I thought Weezer was pretty tasty!
squintyblowpop: as did I :-)
KandiHasIssues--> What did you think of Jennifer?
squintyblowpop: she's really nice
KandiHasIssues--> Yes. A tad frantic, but that seems to fit in with us.
squintyblowpop: she got along with us just fine after the 'uncomfortable silences' went away
KandiHasIssues--> To hear, one must be silent.
squintyblowpop: hee hee, yer creepy
KandiHasIssues--> I'm glad you think so. Also, that you young ladies got along so well. You are welcome in our home anytime Amber.
KandiHasIssues--> Hopefully, the shower works next time. Sorry 'bout that.
squintyblowpop: yea, don't worry, i'm sure aI'll invite myself over
squintyblowpop: yea, i hope it works to!
KandiHasIssues--> No invitation necessary! Just make sure someones home to let you in.
squintyblowpop: oh, i'm sure i can figure out a way to let myself in! who knows, you guys might come home one day, and I'll be moved in!
KandiHasIssues--> I gotta go, I am shopping for a birthday present for diane. If you sent her an e-mail card, she would be pleased.
squintyblowpop: uh, waht day is her bday?
KandiHasIssues--> Moved in!?! hmmm... better get more beer. Her day is the 19th.
squintyblowpop: LOL ok, bye paul!
KandiHasIssues--> Late

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i decided to update my journal! *yay*   
11:35am 13/08/2002
mood: drained
well, i kinda forgot that i even had a journal, in a way, cuz i switched over to ujournal, but i'm not gonna open that one until the first day of school, witch i believe is the 27th. so, ummmmm, yea, i just got up an hour ago, and i'm really bored, and i should be washing dishes and giving my dog water, but i'm lazy. i went to stockton last saturday to visit candace. i finished her present, it was this big poster board thingy that basically had a bunch of stuff that she likes on there, big emphasis on gwen stefani. and then my mom got this cover thing for it that was really expensive, and i don't know why it was expensive cuz it seems to me that it should only cost like 5 dollars, but it was like 18$ which is really lame and i think it was a huge rip off, but it did make the poster look a whole lot better. i wanted to keep it!anywho, i dunno if candace liked it or not, considering that she put it on her bed, read the note that was on it, and then got on the computer, didn't say anything about it, no thankyou or anything, which i think is rude, inconsiderate, and unappreciative. frankly, i'm quite pissed off about it. so then jeniffer came over, and we went to the concert (oh yea, guess i shoulda mentioned that we were all going to a weezer concert) it was fun, though i think it was a lot better when they were at birthday bash 2 years ago, cuz this place was all seated, and we couldn't get anywhere near the stage, but it was still fun, it was in concord and we drove there and back in a convertable, and my hair got so fuckin tangled that it took me like 2 hours to brush it out. Then the next day we were supposed to go shopping cuz there's these two malls that are across the street from each other, but instead we had to go to this family thing at her grandpa's house that took all fricken day, and it was really boring, except for when we were playing with June's digital camcorder, that was tight shit, i want one. blah blah blah, oh and the shower at kandi's house attacked me mid shampoo, so, ummmm, that's a long story and i don't really feel like explaining it. anywho, her mom took me back to clovis on monday, and she had a lunch date, so me and candace went ro fashion fair for like 3 hours, i went to hot topic (of course) and got three posters, one is system of a down (my all time fave band) and it has shrooms all at the bottom of it and it's all cartoon looking, and i got another system one that says 'system of a down' at the bottom of it and the the picture is, well, it says S.O.A.D. and in each letter theres a live picture of a band member, and the poster is landscape, not portrait. and the third one i got is of good charlotte, and well, i've never heard there cd or anything, and i heard that it isn't that good, but there one song, i love it so much, that i love them even if the rest of there stuff sucks, cuz to me it's one of the best songs of all time. and they're really hot, so it's all good. and then i got paper, ya know, lined school papre, but it's nito cuz the background faintly depicts a line of flames, anywho, i gotta go.

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wierd conversation   
02:07pm 17/07/2002
mood: crazy
i was on the computer last night, and i decided to sign on to aim to see if kandi was online, and anywho, i got a message from none other than kara, it's sorta weird talking to her after so long, but, well, oh well, she's nice!

i'm squintyblowpop and kara is derangedstikgirl:

DerangedStikGirl: hello is this amber
squintyblowpop: yup, is this kara??
DerangedStikGirl: Yes. yes it is
DerangedStikGirl: Whats up
squintyblowpop: not much, what have you been up to this summer?
DerangedStikGirl: Nothing really
DerangedStikGirl: i went to texas
DerangedStikGirl: for 2 weeks
DerangedStikGirl: and other than that just hanging out with my boy friend. i havnt really seen much of anybody but him
DerangedStikGirl: have you talked to heather lately?
squintyblowpop: nope
squintyblowpop: not for a hella long time
squintyblowpop: have you?
DerangedStikGirl: Yeah... she moved to fresno
DerangedStikGirl: not really at all
squintyblowpop: really? where in fresno?
squintyblowpop: do you have her number?
squintyblowpop: is it her mom that moved or her dad?
DerangedStikGirl: her mom
DerangedStikGirl: She moved next to fresno state
DerangedStikGirl: i dont even know her new number
squintyblowpop: i see, doesn't she live with har dad though?
DerangedStikGirl: Not really
DerangedStikGirl: she goes back every so often for like an hour
squintyblowpop: oh, really?that's not really surprising. so who's your boyfriend?
DerangedStikGirl: this boy named joey.... he went to clovis high
squintyblowpop: is he hot?
squintyblowpop: how old?
DerangedStikGirl: Hes 18
DerangedStikGirl: do you have a year book?
squintyblowpop: yup
squintyblowpop: you got a last name?
DerangedStikGirl: Siler
squintyblowpop: joey siler, senior, right?
DerangedStikGirl: Yupp
squintyblowpop: brb
squintyblowpop: i hate yearbooks, i can never find anybody, i'm such a tard
DerangedStikGirl: lol neither can i
DerangedStikGirl: thats why i usually use the indez
DerangedStikGirl: index
squintyblowpop: indez, eh? i like...
squintyblowpop: so his real name is joey?
DerangedStikGirl: oh joseph
squintyblowpop: oops, imeant to sau joseph there
squintyblowpop: say*
DerangedStikGirl: yes
squintyblowpop: i've seen him around, never talked to him though
DerangedStikGirl: Yeah
DerangedStikGirl: he stopped going in the middle of the year
squintyblowpop: seems like everybody does that nowadays
DerangedStikGirl: Yeah... but its not worth it for me
DerangedStikGirl: i mean i hate school and stuff
squintyblowpop: are you gonna go to clovis high next year?
DerangedStikGirl: but id rather just get my diploma
squintyblowpop: yea, i hate the people at school
squintyblowpop: i got so sick of all the drama...
DerangedStikGirl: Yeah
squintyblowpop: that's why i completely cut myself off from the social scene last year
DerangedStikGirl: Drama is a bitch
DerangedStikGirl: yeah i jung out with lizz and amanda mostly
squintyblowpop: i stuck with kandi
squintyblowpop: but she's leaving now :-(
DerangedStikGirl: i know....
DerangedStikGirl: you can be our friends next year
DerangedStikGirl: we make school fun
squintyblowpop: ::smiles::
DerangedStikGirl: we spend our days ditching, and smoking pot at lunch.
DerangedStikGirl: on the foot ball field
DerangedStikGirl: it was scary we almost got caught once
squintyblowpop: yea, i think i'm ready to jump back into the social scene
squintyblowpop: but it's gonna be different this time..
DerangedStikGirl: seriously when your high all the time at school, you dont care about dramam and stuff and it goers by so much faster
DerangedStikGirl: and you actually pay attention
squintyblowpop: really? it seems like it would be the opposite
DerangedStikGirl: Yeah.... it's weird like that
squintyblowpop: wow, it's almost weird having a conversation w/ you, we havn't done that in such a long time
DerangedStikGirl: Yeah
DerangedStikGirl: im glad were friends again...
squintyblowpop: i've been saving all my letters, since, like 7th grade, and i was reading some of em' , and there were some from you, it was crazy
squintyblowpop: and a bunch from feather, it brngs back all the drama and worry and all that shit
DerangedStikGirl: yeah
DerangedStikGirl: but its funny to look bacl and be like damn... i actually considered these problems back then
squintyblowpop: no shit!!
DerangedStikGirl: hold on im going to go get a cigarette
squintyblowpop: alrighty
DerangedStikGirl: k back
DerangedStikGirl: and it kinda makes you relize that your "drama" right now will be little stuff in like 3 years
squintyblowpop: yea
DerangedStikGirl: these are so gros
DerangedStikGirl: there "Geronimo" ultra lights
squintyblowpop: that kinda sucks cuz whenever you have issues older peeps are always like "awe, that's nothin'"
squintyblowpop: that just sounds icky
DerangedStikGirl: yeah
DerangedStikGirl: hey nicoteen is nicoteen
squintyblowpop: yup yup
squintyblowpop: but it's better when you're not addicted to it cuz then it actualy has an affect on you
squintyblowpop: if you don't do it all the time
squintyblowpop: some peeps don't like that affect though
squintyblowpop: but i do
squintyblowpop: so, how did you know i was online? i didn't even know you had my screen name
DerangedStikGirl: i went to your live journal a while ago
DerangedStikGirl: see i wishi could just occasionally smoke
DerangedStikGirl: but it doesnt work liekithat for me :-(
squintyblowpop: yea, that's how most peeps are, so where did you get my livejournal address? do you have one?
DerangedStikGirl: no i wnt one but i dont have a referral #
squintyblowpop: where did you get my address?
DerangedStikGirl: maybe off of kandi's i dont remember
squintyblowpop: ah, yea, i'm on her friends list
squintyblowpop: but if you want a journal, i have an extra #, but it's a hell of a lot better to go to
squintyblowpop: there you don't need a #, and it's EXACTLY like livejournal
squintyblowpop: except better cuz you can have stuff that only paid users on livejournal get
DerangedStikGirl: Really
DerangedStikGirl: cus theres deadjournal too
DerangedStikGirl: thats a good one
squintyblowpop: actually, if you get into the other ones, that place sucks ass
squintyblowpop: i used to have one there
DerangedStikGirl: really
squintyblowpop: livejournal and ujournal you have waaaaaaaaaay more options, if your interested
DerangedStikGirl: ok
squintyblowpop: anywho, i took a zero period next year, and my mom is pissed off about it:-\ cus she'll have to get up early to take me, so as punishment she's been making me go to bed early now so i can "get used to getting up so early"
squintyblowpop: grrrrr...isn't that lame?
DerangedStikGirl: Thats sucks
squintyblowpop: so anywho, i have to go pretend like i'm in bed
squintyblowpop: night night;-)
DerangedStikGirl: I think shed be happy your taking action in school
DerangedStikGirl: alright, ill ttyl... Bye!
squintyblowpop: well
squintyblowpop: i have to take it cuz i failed online biology
squintyblowpop: so that's not so good...
squintyblowpop: and i didn't tell her about it
squintyblowpop: anywoe, enough of my babbling, goodnight
squintyblowpop: =-O

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09:26pm 14/07/2002
mood: rejected
I am 68% Goth

Oh My Goth! You Goth, Girl. There is a good chance I am bi. Freakiness pumps through my viens, but I can still laugh at myself.

Take the Goth Test at

Oh My Goth! You Goth, Girl. There is a good chance you're bi. Freakiness pumps through your viens, but you can still laugh at yourself.

I am 85% Raver

I am a SUPER Raver! I probably haven't slept in like 2 years, dude. Alright. P.L.U.R., baby! I am probably some kinda candy raver, huh?

Take the Raver Test at

You are a SUPER Raver! You probably haven't slept in like 2 years, dude. Alright. P.L.U.R., baby! You are probably some kinda candy raver, huh?

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:) yay   
01:24pm 14/07/2002
mood: awake
i fixed my journal, the only problem now is that i don't know how to resize the scroll box, oh well! can somebody help??

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11:52pm 13/07/2002
  i know my journal looks lame, i'll fix it tomorrow  

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just to let the world know...   
08:01pm 13/07/2002
mood: determined
i've made a decision. I'm going to change everything in about a month or so. everything is going to change august 11, the day after me and kandi go to the weezer concert. this is why: she's changing her journal and everything because she's moving, so it's like, new life, new journal, right? well, when she moves, it's going to be a new life for me, because at this point in time, she's a huge part of my life, so, new life for amber, new journal for amber, new nickname for amber, new lifestyle for amber, all around new amber. i am so fuckin ready to leave this life behind.

note: i went to my dad's today to check on spif, and i got me BF necklace, i am now never going to take it off unless i ABSOLUTELY have to, cuz i'm otherwise just too damn forgetfull.

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01:44pm 12/07/2002
mood: thirsty
I changed the background to my journal, it's still angelina jolie, but as you can plainly see, this is a little more hoochiefied, and on screens smaller than mine, you're more than likely only going to see her boobs, oh well! and now my icons are, well, two of them are angi from 'girl, interrupted' one she has a cherry on her tongue, and the other, she has pills on her tongue, and the third is of milla jovovich, but it's just her eye, anywho, i'm off!

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kandi is here today!   
01:29pm 12/07/2002
mood: bouncy
kandi came over yesterday, she was upset :( poor kandi! well, we made all these fuckin plans, and not one of them went through! WHAT THE HELL!!!! yesterday i showed her this guy that looks like short stalker grown up, it 's so fuckin creepy! then we went to my sister's apartment and watched 'gone in 60 seconds' i don't think she liked it very much, you kinda have to be a car person to like that movie, and she doesn't even know what a mustang or camaro is, did you like the movie kandi??? anywho, today we're supposed to go back over there to watch 'the fast and the furious' i don't know if she'll really want to go though. in a little bit, after we get ready, we're supposed to go to taco bell or mcdonalds. isn't this amazing? i'm actually typing about atuff i've done and plan on doing, woe now! anywho, kandi's really hungry, so maybe i should get off of here and go get some food, eh?

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i'm back!!!!!!!!   
11:02pm 10/07/2002
mood: awake
i got back from my dad's today, thank god, i hate it over there! and some dumb ass accepted aol when they were on the computer, so it took away our compuserve internet service, so we no longer have internet service, and of course, i got all the accusing stares for this, those stupid assholes! like i'm such a dumbass i can't figure out not to accept stuff, and besides, i'm never on the internet over there! I'm never over there to begin with! I DON'T GET IT! but i'm happy cuz last weekend my stepbrother had a b-day party at woodward park, and there's tons of wild kitties out there, and i caught a baby calico kitten, and took it home, she's sooooooooooo cute! i have a tiny bracelet that's hot pink glitter w/ studs, and i put it on her as a collar, i named her spif, it's short for spitfire cuz it took forever took catch her quick ass! anywho, i must bid ye farewell, okay, i'm never gonna say that again! i'm such a tard! bye! ahhhhhhh, there's like a million exclamation points in this entry! oh well!!!!!!!!!!

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11:16pm 03/07/2002
mood: awake
well, today i went to the ppg movie with kandi, and the movie didn't impress me all that much, I like the episodes a lot better, so in my opinion i thought the movie was a one time thing, and because of that, it was 'all a lie' I don't get it?? oh well, anywho, i'm going to thelake tomorrow with a shitload of peeps, it's gonna be so much fucking fun, we'll have the boat with the big innertube attachment as well as the bannana attachment and the wakeboard, and we rented 2 jet skies!!! yay! and the peeps we're going with are so much fun. so what have I done lately, well, i stayed the night at kandi's last night, i tried to sleep on the couch, but well,
I'm this long _____________________ and the couch is this long _________ what the hell man??? so, needless to say, i ended up on the floor grrrrrrrr! oh well, i'm just glad to be sleeping in my own bed tonight! well, goodnight!

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a new day, a new look   
12:34pm 29/06/2002
mood: artistic
well, i've modified my journal with an angelina jolie background (now both my journals have angi on them, hmmmm, and so does the wallpaper on my desktop...oh well!)and i changed the layout to disjointed, the other one was just too damn confusing, i gotta go

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joy joy!   
02:57pm 28/06/2002
mood: dorky
well, i started making kandi's going-away gift today...yes peeps, i know the party isn't until the end of next month, but i'm trying desparatly not to procrastinate on things! well, i would say what it is, but then she would know, and that, obviously, would spoil the surprise, all I'll say is that she has told me before that she really wishes somebody would do it for her, so she probably knows what it is, but she doesn't know EXACTLY what it is, so i'm not gonna say!!!! mah!

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I'm pissed...i'm going to kill brian!!!   
01:25pm 27/06/2002
mood: bitchy
i just read kandi's journal, and i read the entry about what that little bitch brian said about me. according to him, i'm ugly, fake, and an awful friend to kandi...WELL YOU KNOW WHAT BRIAN??? HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED IN A FUCKING MIRROR??? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR GOD DAMN FACE? I'M MEAN JESUS CHRIST, I'VE SEEN SOME PRETTY FUCKIN' UGLY PEOPLE IN MY LIFE, BUT YOU, YOU ARE JUST DISGUSTING, YOUR FUCKING TEETH GO EVERYWHERE, IN DIRECTIONS THAT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW EXSISTED, OH MY GOD, I CAN'T EVEN COME UP WITH WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOUR UGLINESS, PEOPLE, YOU SERIOUSLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW UGLY THIS GUY IS, WHEN I FIRST SAW HIM, IN FACT EVERYONE AGREES WITH THIS,I THOUGHT THAT HE WAS RETARDED, I'M TALKIN STRAIGHT FROM SPECIAL ED, HIS FACE MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOEVER, IT LOOKS COMPLETELY UnNATURAL, HIS BODY IS SO FUCKIN RETARDED, HE'S SO DAMN STALKY THAT I WAS POSITIVE HE WAS A MIDGET, IN FACT, HE MAY BE. AND IT'S SURE AS HELL NOT LIKE HE HAS A GOOD PERSONALITY, HE'S AN ASSHOLE. hmmmmmmm, and i'm fake am I??? you are such a fucking hypocrite! this coming from the same guy with that really hot girlfriend, and who's had so much sexual experience, and so many girlfriends, , oh, and he's not a virgin, oh, wait, actually, he's never done SHIT with a female, he doesn't know how to act around a girl, yes he IS a virgin AND HE'S NEVER HAD A FUCKING GIRLFRIEND and if he has, then i can guarentee that she was butt ass ugly, cuz that's the only thing that would touch something like brian. so now, tell me brian, what the fuck have i done that's so god damned fake? huh? yea, of course you don't have a fucking answer to that, and if you do then it's nothing but a fucking lie, cuz all that flows from your ugly ass is lies, you even admitted to it! oh, and what's this about me being an awful friend??? how the hell am i an awful don't even fucking know me!!! I try my best to be there for her, I DEFEND HER WHEN OTHER PEOPLE TALK SHIT ON HER, I GO AFTER PEOPLE WHO TALK SHIT ON HER, IF ANYBODY EVER GOT UP IN HER FACE OR TRIED TO HURT HER, AND I WAS THERE, I WOULD BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THEM, AND EVEN IF SHE DOESN'TKNOW THIS, I WOULD DO IT, I'VE DONE FOR OTHER BEST FRIENDS IN THE PAST, WHENEVER SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS AT HER HOUSE AND SHE CALLS ME, I HAVE MY MOM GO AND PICK HER UP AND I LET HER STAY AT MY HOUSE FOR AS LONG SHE WANTS, i don't try and control her life, i don't pull that "if you're gonna be frineds with him, then i'm not gonna be your friend" bullshit, okay, so tell me brian, WHAT THE FUCK IS SO AWFUL ABOUT THAT! I THINK YOU'RE FUCKING JEALOUS! WELL YOU KNOW WHAT? I WAS HERE FIRST BITCH! DON'T EVEN try and create shit between me and kandi, cuz it isn't gonna work, an UGLY, lieing FAKE asshole like yourself is not going to last with candace, she deserves a hell of a lot better that you, and you don't deserve shit. you have just pissed me off for the last fucking time, SHITTALKING ME TO ME BESTFRIEND, what the hell?? right after i forgave you for previously being an asshole to me. keep this up, brian, and i swear to god i will find you next school year, and i will make your life a living hell. if you don't believe me then I dare you to test me. hmmmmmm, isn't it great how i can say all this stuff directly to you, but you don't have dick enough to say shit about me directly at me? i really hope you read this, in fact, kandi, if you're reading this, please tell brian to read it as well, i don't have any way of contacting him except through this, so tell him, ok?

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oh joy, yay to rainbow brite!   
03:15pm 25/06/2002
mood: amused

Which Rainbow Brite kid are you? By Growing.


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oh yes, i contain perfectly preserved objects...go me!   
02:44pm 25/06/2002
mood: bored
yea, inside joke peeps. well, i stayed at kandi's house on sunday, on monday we walked to taco bell in the blistering heat, it was awful, all the way down to the sidewalk's booty (inside joke) and she stayed the night yesterday, and today she made really awful mac and cheese, and i ate a day old chalupa...gross!!!

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info on mwa!!!!!!   
11:03pm 22/06/2002
What time is it: // 11:04
What is the date // isn't this info on my journal entry??????

*Info about you*
Full Name // amber lynne thompson aka saya
Age // 15
Sex // Female
Birthday // 3~31~87
Where do you live // Clovis
What state // California
Zodiac Sign // aries
What school do you go to // Clovis High School
What is your mascot // Cougars
What are your school colors // Blue And Yellow
Nicknames // ~*SAYA*~ online names-squintyblowpop, cheesebaby, squiggymidgee, strongmilk
Where were you born // clovis, CA
What are your hobbies // writing,reading,art, and alot of stuff i'de rather not mention
Hair color // dyed black, but it's growing out
Ever died your hair // yup
What color //its naturally blonde, ive dyed it red like 3 times, blue and black, pink and black, and permanent black
Hair length // little past my shoulders
Eye color // light blue circled in really dark green
Height // 5'9'' i think
Have any pets // 5 dogs, 1 kitty
Whats their names // siber, sierra, meriha, maxamillion, sandi, and hunter my kitty
What do you fear most in the world //not being myself...forever
What do you regret the most // jesus christ, what dont i regret????
If you could do anything without consequences, what would it be // i would get the tatts and peircings that i want w/out my mom killing me
Do you have braces // nope
Do you have glasses // thank god no
Are you good at school // highly intelligent, completely unmotivated, but i'm changing that
Shoe size // 10/11
Car // 66/67 mustang convterable, bronco/blazer, chevy truck
Color // well it all depends
Teacher // carbajal
Class // english/writing
Day of the week // friday /saturday
Holiday // Christmas
Season // Winter
Month // never really thought about it...
Sport // softball
Movie // lord of the rings
T.V. show // SPONGE BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Food // subway...yummmmmmmm
Drink // cherry coke
Band // system of a down
Male singer // tom petty
female singer// avrl lavigne/lennon

Word // squigglypuff
Brand of shoes // Vans
Radio station // 103.7
Room in your house // my room
CD // union underground, system of a down
Pizza Topping // cheese w/ pepperoni
State // not sure
City // hmmmm...
Letter // dunno
Number // 7
Vacation spot // hawaii
Cereal // peanut butter captain crunch
Ice cream flavor // rocky road
Video game //tomb raider, all of em'

*Your friends*
Friends //they always end up screwin you at the end, it's proven!
Best friend // kandi
Spend most time with //kandi
Who do you have the most inside jokes with // kandi again!(hmmmm, catching a pattern???)

*This or That*
Red or Blue // red
Pretzels or Potato Chips // chips
Jeans or Khakis // Jeans
Comedy or Drama // comedy
Computer or TV // not much of a fan of
Gold or Silver // silver
Outgoing or Shy // outgoing
Tall or Short // tall
Breakfast or Dinner // Dinner
Day or Night // Night
Radio or Cd's // Cds
Internet or Phone // Internet
98 degrees or O town // Neither
Happy or sad // Happy
Guy or girl // guy
Sexy or Cute // sexi
Tuff or wimpy // tuff
Strong or weak // Strong
Funny or hilarious // hilarious
Summer or winter // Winter
Love or lust // lustful love (woe now, that was witty)
Friends or family // Friends
Car or truck // truck
Dog or cat // both
Walk or run // Walk
Inside or outside // depends...i hate the it depends on the weather
Hurricane or Tornado // Hurricane
Thunder or lightning // Lightning
Rain or snow // Rain
Hail or sleet // Hail
Sunny or cloudy // cloudy
Loud or quiet // depends
Mcdonalds or Burger king //BK
Hardee's or Arby's // Neither
Rebel or goodie goodie // somewhere in between, leaning more towards rebel
Coffee or tea // Coffee
Coke or pepsi // Pepsi
Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper // Dr. Pepper
White chocolate or normal chocolate // Normal Chocolate
Britney or Christina // no likey
Black or white // Black
Chocolate or vanilla // Chocolate
Diary or journal // journal
Writing or typing // writing
Cold or hot // cold
Pen or pencil // Pen
Candle or insence // both
Plain paper or lined paper // depends writing-lined drawing-blank
Blonde or brunette // blonde
Curly or straight // Straight
Blanket or sleeping bag // Blanky
Shower or bath // bath
Body wash or soap // body wash
Purfume or Body spray // both, as long as they smell REALLY good
Wal-mart or target // wal-mart
American Eagle or Abercrombie // HATE THEM
Hamburgers or hotdogs // hamburgers
Great America or Universal Studios // U.S.
Pochahontas or Mulan // Mulan
Swimmer's ear or ear infection // ear infection
Pop tart or toaster strudels // chocolate chip pop tart
Chicken or turkey // fried chicken
MTV or VH1 // MTV
Shorts or pants // Pants
Tank tops or t-shirts // Tanktops
Mandy moore or Jessica simpson // neither
Spanish or German // German
Rich and dumb or Poor and smart // who cares as long as they have a good personality
Markers or colored pencils // depends
Boxers or briefs // Boxers...all the way!!
Nike or Adidas // Neither
Mercedes or BMW // ::irritated sigh::
Army or Navy // Army
*Have you ever*
Smoked // yup
Been Drunk // yup
Been high // yup
Done drugs // yup
Skinny dipped // Nope
Stole // uh huh
Stayed up all night on the internet // nuh uh
Met someone off the internet (in person) // nope
Been in a fist fight // yeppers
Been in a cat fight // oh yes
Wanted to kill someone // oh ya
Fell off a chair // all the time...damn chairs!

Do you like your handwriting // its retarded
If you could be anybody, who would you be and why // angelina jolie or avril lavigne
Which superhero would you be // lara croft
Do you have any piercings // yuh huh
Any tattoos // not yet
Are you picky // when it suits me
What makes you cry // when i get so pissed...and can't express my anger
What makes you mad // what doesnt?
Do you like cartoons // yes yes yes
Do you believe in heaven // yup
Do you believe in God // ::another irritated sigh:: oh, sure, i beleive heaven is runn by a bunch of angry smurfs who steal your candy
Do you think there is a hell // nope
Do you believe in satan // i think satan's a bunch of bull shit to keep people in line
When you get mad, do you swear a lot // ya, but it doesnt matter if mad happy or sad or whatever
Got milk // got CHOCOLATE milk? huh huh??
Do you have a magic 8 ball // if i did, i would throw it at you
Ever worn black nail polish // yeah (woe now, i'm extreme
Do you have your own tv and vcr // tv
Do you believe in fate // i believe thet we wrote out our own fate, but it can be altered
Do you see dead people // i see...stuff
Are you a good speller // sometimes
Do you ever steal anything from hotels // what's there to steal??
What is your last name backwards? // nospmoht(is it just me, or does that make you think of snot??)
Do you want to be the first person on the sun when you grow up? // i hate the sun

*What Do These Words Make You Think Of*
Rainbow // yay!! I like rainbows...
Frog // warts
Carol // my grandma carole
Star // i looooove stars!!!!
Ticket // concert
Breakfast // frenchtoast

well thats plenty enough OF THAT BULLSHIT! DO WE ALL AGREE??! i think so...

(when all lights go out)

08:03pm 21/06/2002
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well, yay, i finally fixed my journal, it looks so pretty! it's saya, from Blood:the last vampire, yes peeps, this is where i get my nick/online name from, well, i have not much more to say right now, so i suppose i'll leave...hope you have fun at sami's b-day party kandi! well, see ya...oh yea, did you notice my comments liks?? they're so cute, they say "when all lights go out" and then when there's comments they say "3 voices bring me comfort" isn't that shnazzy? i think so!

(when all lights go out)

07:25pm 21/06/2002
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Which store are you??

This quiz was made by Carly

yay! i love hot topic...

(when all lights go out)